Fitted Wardrobes

Choose the right wardrobe for you

view of walk-in closet

When choosing what type of wardrobes are right for you, it is worth researching the main types of wardrobe available and seeing what best meets your needs.

Freestanding wardrobes are a traditional option whereby a non-fixed piece of furniture can be moved and repositioned around the room and are available in various sizes. Although large free-standing wardrobes are imposing they often lack space internally and space outside the wardrobe needs to be available for the doors to fully open.

Fitted wardrobes are available with both sliding and hinged doors that come in a range of styles from modern and sophisticated options to traditional. As fitted wardrobes can often be fitted floor to ceiling then all space can be fully utilised meaning maximum storage and space internally.

Walk-in wardrobes are often seen as a luxury item and are quite rare but if you have the space available they can be a fantastic addition to your home. Having the room to explore your clothes and accessories can be really beneficial.

If you decide to go with a fitted wardrobe option it is wise to take some time to consider what types of clothing and accessories you want and how to prioritise them for access. Bespoke internal storage is available for large items such as jackets down to earrings and cufflinks.

A shoe rack and adhesive hooks can be easily installed in a cost-effective way to utilise space inside your fitted wardrobe.